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I am Chester Alan.

Yes, I really am Chester Alan. I love my name because it's given to me by my parent. But don't call me "Alan", I'm not used to it. Just simply "Chester", most people knew me as "Chester".

My father said that my name was taken from the 21st President of the United States, Chester Alan Arthur. He found it in a dictionary when he was looking for a name for me. And I believe he found the best one.

The name Chester means Camp or fort and its origin is Latin. Alan means Rock and its origin is Gaelic. Combined together my name would mean Camp Rock, or a Rock Fortress, or perhaps a Rock Castle.

My parents call me "Alchie", it's my nickname, and my siblings call me "Kuya Alchie", since I am the eldest. I also love this name and in fact I am using it on my Facebook.