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Call me `Alchie` coz it's sweeter

In our country, calling `Sir` or `Ma'am` someone in the position is considered to be respectful, more especially when addressing a teacher. These words are automatic titles and at times being demanded. I remember one incident, when I attended a team building of public teachers with a friend, I was reprimanded for calling a teacher `Auntie`.

I used to address those persons I don't know by these titles, every person I encounter, even to a tricycle driver in our village. I prefer "Sir" than "Manong" or "Pre" or "Bai". Maybe because I wanted to establish a certain degree of barrier between us, a boundary automatically present when using those words.

Personally, I prefer not to be called `Sir`, or any other endearment, to people I am acquainted with. It is as if we don't know each other when they call me by other names. I recall being upset when a close friend from high school suddenly called me "Bai", as if he suddenly forgot …

S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Objectives

Back in college, I have already learned the S.M.A.R.T Philosophy in establishing objectives during my business management class. It means that whenever you formulate an objective, it must qualify with these principles: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bounded.

However, during our first day in Project Management class, my professor taught us something new. He said that there are two additional principles, the E and R, that should be added to SMART in order to make our objectives better.

E for Enjoyable and R for Rewarding.

And I agree with him. When setting our personal goals in life, each goal must be SMARTER. The path through which we take in achieving our goals must be enjoyable every step of the way and we know that at the end of the journey there is a reward. It may not be monetary in nature but at least it is something good and worthy despite all the efforts and difficulties we encounter along the way.

For offline documentation, use Zeal.

I am fond of programming. When I am at home and with my personal computer, you don’t see me playing DOTA. You will see me with a serious face, shifting from one window to another, and constantly pressing the Alt-Tab and F5 keys. I am with a web browser and a text editor coding something, may be a system that will help ease my work at the office or a personal project.
My projects are usually web-based applications. When we say web-based, it uses different technologies, programming languages and frameworks; from server-side to client-side scripts: PHP, CodeIgniter, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, React, NodeJS, and MySQL; all at once. You must know most of them in order to build a good web-based application. You need to be a genius to memorize all the methods and classes you can use on your system. Unfortunately, I am not a genius.
I don’t memorize everything. I am not good with memorization. When we still had an internet connection at home, it was easy for me to…